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Volume 4. Issue 1. 2010

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Editorial board and Scope of the Journal


Burai P. - Lövei, G.Zs. - Lénárt, Cs. - Nagy, I. - Enyedi, P.: Mapping aquatic vegetation of the Rakamaz-Tiszanagyfalui Nagy-Morotva using hyperspectral imagery

Ladányi, Zs. - Deák, J.Á. - Rakonczai, J.: The effect of aridification on dry and wet habitats of Illancs microregion, SW Great Hungarian Plain, Hungary

Vágó, J.: Stream gradient investigation in the Bükkalja using interpolated surfaces

Barsi Á. - Gáspár, K. - Szepessy, Zs.: Unsupervised classification of high resolution satellite imagery by self-organizing neural network

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