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Volume 2. Issue 1. 2008

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Editorial board and Scope of the Journal


Szegedi, S.: History of the meteorological observatoions in Debrecen

Tar, K. - Tóth, T. - Rózsavögyi, K.: Connection between the potential wind energy and the windy days

Papp, G.: Examinations on the air quality in Berehove (Beregszász, Ukraine) between 1997 and 2007

Szalai, Z.: Spatial and temporal pattern of soil pH and Eh and their impact on solute iron content in a wetland (Transdanubia, Hungary)

Liira, J. - Aavik, T. - Parrest, O. - Zobel, M.: Agricultural sector, rural environment and biodiversity in the Central and Eastern European EU member states

Zwierzchowska, I.: Interferences between the ecological network and urbanized areas in Poland

Orosz, Z. - Fazekas, I.: Challenges of municipal waste management in Hungary

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