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Volume 1. Issue 1. 2007

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Editorial board and Scope of the Journal


Tombácz, Sz. - Makra, L.: Relation of meteorological elements and air pollutants to respiratory diseases

Eötvös, T. - Makra, L.: Chemical and biological air pollutants, as parameters of complex air quality indices

Braun, M. - Margitai, Z. - Tóth, A. - Leermakers, M.: Environmental monitoring using linden tree leaves as natural traps of atmospheric deposition: a pilot study in Transilvania, Romania

Babka, B. - Szabó, Sz.: Water chemical analysis of the oxbow lakes near the Upper-Tisza River

Linkeviciene, R. - Taminskas, J. - Simanauskiene, R.: Protected areas in regions of intensive economical activity: conflict of nature protection and nature use (case study of Dovine river catchment)

Szegedi, S.: Heavy metal loads in the soil of Debrecen

Stone, D.: Big plans and little plans: delivering land use change designed by landscape ecology

Csorba, P. - Bodnár, R.: The European Landscape Convention and tourism

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